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The Second Academic Hall

Dr. David Ake Sensabaugh:The Candraprabha Jataka: A Stele at the Yale University Art Gallery and the Cave Chapels of Kizil

Xu Yongming:A Discovery Triggered by the Conservation Practices of the Kizil Grotto Mural Paintings

Dr. Clarissa von Spee :Aurel Stein and wall painting fragments from Xinjiang in the British Museum

Dr. Wang Zan:A Comparison of the Relation between Mural Paintings by Painters and the "Six Principles of Painting"

Zhang Ping:Debate and Truth Behind the History of Han-style Buddhism in Ancient Kucha——An Investigation into the Buddhist Sites of the Tang Dynasty in Ancient Kucha

Li Xingming: The Variations and Changes in Garuda`s Image from Qiuci to the Central Plains

Wang Jianlin:The Study of ZhiYue -a Monk from QiuCi Royal Family

Wen-Ling Chang :An Examination of the Manuscripts about Buddhist Narratives Discovered in Central Asia and Ancient Northwest India

Dr. Satomi Hiyama:Reflection of Geopolitical Context of the Silk Road inthe First- and Second Indo-Iranian Style Wall Paintings in Kucha

Fletcher Coleman:Ascetic Aesthetics: What’s in a Skull? The Story of the Buddha and the Skull-tapper Revisited

Yin Xiaobin:A Study on the Image Spectrum of Murals in the Kizil Grottoes

Chen Aifeng:A Preliminary Study of the Thousand-armed Avalokitesvara Sutra Painting in Cave 14, the Bezeklik Grottoes

Yu Gan:A Comparative Study between Kizil Cave Paintings in Xinjiang and the Byzantine Murals at Santa Maria Antiqua in Rome

Miao Lihui:Buddhist Concepts from the Hua-Yen School of Chinese Buddhism in the Kucha Caves