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Research on the Images of Maitreya Receiving a Kasaya in Kizil Caves
Kucha Academy of Xinjiang Yang Bo
In the traditional Buddhist art of Kucha Caves, most bhikkhu figures were not painted with a halo. This is perhaps because the artists wanted to highlight the figure of the Buddha in the images. But in the Kizil Caves, a monk decorated with a halo and a usnisa like a Buddha appears in some story paintings. The halo makes his figure appear better and brighter than the other monks, so he should have a special status. Through analysis of Buddhist scriptures and images, his identity can be inferred as the Maitreya Bodhisattva who was a disciple of Sakyamuni. The images depict the Maitreya receiving a golden Kasaya and Sakyamuni predicting that he will become a Buddha in the future.