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The Contemporary Inheritance and Conservation of Chinese Traditional Mural Paintings
—— Starting from the Datong and Luoyang mural painting art practices
Wang Yingsheng
The author will introduce the academic aims and characteristics of the Chinese Traditional Mural Painting department in the Central Academy of Fine Arts, and the relevant functional departments for teaching and research. The Mural Painting Research Center and the First Studio of the Mural Painting department, which are currently the main teaching centers for creative practice and academic research, will be introduced. The Conservation and Restoration department of the China Central Academy of Fine Arts will also be introduced.
This article will review the achievements of the Frst studio of the Central Academy of Fine Arts during the past 5 years, including the working processes and the achievements in the restoration of traditional temple mural paintings for key National Cultural Relics, including: Huayan Temple, Shanhua Temple and the Lingyan Temple of theYungang Grottoes. Luoyang Paradise, an architectural heritage restoration project, will also be introduced. The author will give a detailed case study of the restoration and conservation of a mud layer from a Ming Dynasty mural painting in Sansheng Palace, Shanhua Temple, Datong, a National Cultural Relics protection unit.
Finally, past and present issues of traditional Chinese mural art development will be discussed. This thesis proposes to bring the theoretical study, creative practice, repair, and protection of traditional murals together as part of an all-round systematic, specialized, and standardized conservation concept. The author will argue the necessity of establishing a specialized training mechanism.