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The Variations and Changes in Garuda`s Image from Qiuci to the Central Plains
National Institute for Advanced Humanistic Studies,Fudan University
Li Xingming
Based on previous research, this paper attempts to make a further investigation into the variations and changes in Garuda`s image. Originating from Brahmanist Vaishnavism and utilized by Buddhism as a Dharma Protector, the legend and image of Garuda was disseminated from India to Qiuci, then through the Hosi Corridor again into the Central plains. Garuda`s image takes on different styles in Qiuci, Dunhuang, and the Yungang Grottoes. The author focuses on studying the role of Garuda`s image in the Buddhist pictorial program. The author further investigates the image’s function of exorcising evil spirits in Northern Dynasty funerary customs during the Tang Dynasty. By examining the process by which Garuda`s image helped spread Buddhism eastward, we can reveal the transmission of culture and interaction between India, Persia, Central Asia, and China in ancient times.