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Conditon Survey of Mural Paintings in Kumutula Grottoes
Guo Hong1 Xu Yongming2 Ye Mei2 Wang Lidan3
(1:Chinese Academy of Cultural Heritage,Beijing,100029;2:Xinjiang Institute of Qiuci Grottoes Studies,Urumchi,830000;3:University of Science and Technology Beijing,Beijing,100038)
Abstract:Kumutula Grottoes, carved from the 5th to the 11th century, flourished during Tang Dynasty, and vanished after Huihu Period. They are indispensable sources for studying development and evolution of Buddhist grottoes and mural paintings within Xinjiang. Howevr, they are suffering from various problems like weathering of support layers, large areas of loss, disruption, detachment, flaking and powdering of plaster layers, etc., caused by wind, dust, alternating wet-dry environment and human behaviors. This study systematically categorized the damage mentioned based on condition survey, and proposed methods for preservation according to local geologic and climatic data, as well as materials and techniques used in Kumutula mural paintings.
Key Words:Qiuci Kumutula Grottoes Damage to mural paitings Categories