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Conference Purpose
New Perspectives on the Silk Road: 2015 International Conference on the Kizil Cave Paintings was jointly organized by China Academy of Art and the Xinjiang Kucha Academy. The conference will provide an overview of the research on Kizil cave paintings and Buddhist art, the preservation and restoration of monuments, and other related topics about the Silk Road. This Conference will bring together distinguished experts and scholars in this field from all over the world. There will be more than 100 delegates from countries such as China, the United States, Germany, the United Kingdom, Italy, Japan, and Taiwan among others. The Conference will be held in Hangzhou and Xinjiang. It is expected to be one of the largest international academic research events happening in mainland China about the Kizil grottoes and related topics. The academic papers that will be presented during the Conference have yet to be published. The authors and organizing committee will share in the academic achievements, including any copyrights, generated from the publication of theses in the "Collection of Papers", to be presented during New Perspectives on the Silk Road: 2015 International Conference on the Kizil Cave Paintings. The splendid Kizil murals contain the artistic and cultural legacy of four great civilizations: India, the Greco-Roman culture, Persia, and China. It is an example of one of the earliest cultural interactions between the East and West along the Silk Road. We hope that this six-day conference of seminars, exhibitions, site visits to the Grottoes, and the discussions inside the caves will expose to our delegates the charm and humanity of the Kizil murals in Xinjiang China, as well as introduce its extraordinary art and traditions to the world.
Conference Schedule
China Academy of Art, Hangzhou:
Xinjiang Kucha Academy, Kizil Thousand-Buddha Caves:
Conference Chair and Executive Curators
Dr. Wang Zan
Vice President of China Academy of Art

Xu Yongming
President of Xinjiang Kucha Academy