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"Millennium narration" Chinese rock paintings and Works Exhibition
In order to implement the central "to build the Silk Road Economic Belt" strategic conception; to commemorate the Silk Road: Changan Road, Tianshan Road Corridor "Kizil Grottoes" (silk Roads:the routes network of Chang 'an - Tianshan Corridor*Kizil Grottoes) successfully included in the world cultural heritage site the first anniversary of the left, the new silk road is held -- 2015 of Kizil Grottoes International Symposium cum "Millennium narrative" Chinese rock paintings documents and Works Exhibition This is a Xinjiang Kizil Grottoes murals, conservation and restoration of monuments and sites, Buddhist art research aspects of the international academic seminar, to take part in this activity are from China, the United States, Germany, Britain, Italy, Japan, Taiwan and other countries and regions of the well-known experts and scholars. The event will be held in Zhejiang Hangzhou and Xinjiang autonomous region. The seminar will be within the territory of the people's Republic of China held the largest one of Kizil Grottoes murals and cultural International Symposium on. Rock painting is the mineral pigment as the medium of the traditional Chinese painting is an important form of expression and the performance of its techniques in China has a glorious history, Xinjiang Kizil, Dunhuang, Gansu and Shanxi temples, rock color paintings experienced thousands of years, still dazzling still durable not to fade affects painting at home and abroad. Rock painting, whether it is from the history records, or surviving paintings trace on, to Chinese painting represents the way of painting is rich and diverse, ink painting and painting has always been staggered and two main lines of traditional Chinese painting. In the development of Chinese traditional painting history, color has a very important position. Kizil Grottoes rock color paintings retained the rich variety of colors and painting methods, retained the China to the third century AD, the Eastern Han Dynasty, Song Dynasty to the twelfth century AD, a thousand years people left our colorful painting style. It represents the peak in the history of China's first Buddhist grotto murals, ancient Central Asia and West Asia art development, and development of ancient Chinese painting art has a far-reaching impact. Kizil Grottoes rock color paintings caused attaches great importance to the people of the world, it is our new understanding of Chinese traditional painting and open up the field of Chinese color painting precious and rich resources. Today, the innovation of traditional rock painting to modern Chinese painting brought revolutionary ideas and technology, expand the breadth and depth of the painting language, in efforts to get rid of the stale and bring forth the fresh, rock painting re blooming splendor. This seminar and exhibition is to improve the quality of the creation of the rock paintings, to create a high level of creative platform, improve the academic taste and theoretical construction, from a theoretical point of view of the development of a comprehensive study of rock paintings in order to promote the prosperity and development of rock paintings.